KP | Founder and developer

Full-time software developer since 2014, with a focus on crypto since 2019. Prior to Brrito, KP was the Smart Contract Lead at Redacted Cartel DAO ("RCD"), where he had developed the original smart contracts for two of its successful flagship products (Hidden Hand and *Pirex); both products have securely managed millions in user asset value without hacks.

*Pirex began life as an RCD-incubated startup which KP had cofounded and architected (see here).

KP has also made contributions to various ecosystem projects. Examples:

  • Compound: Collaborated with the Compound Labs and OpenZeppelin teams to remedy a misconfigured Comet deployment, and was awarded a bug bounty (reward proposal).

  • Axiom: Assisted the Axiom team by making contributions to their Governor product (GitHub repo - currently, private).

    • Overhauled Axiom Governor's smart contract architecture to more closely resemble OpenZeppelin 5.0's Governor architecture.

    • Implemented logic for parsing a "side bitmap" to determine Merkle leaf ordering when computing roots onchain. Written in Yul.

  • Celo: Proposed an amendment to CIP-10, along with an early PoC, which enabled EOAs to authorize the execution of core Celo actions to smart contract accounts (merged PR).

  • Cosmos: Enabled relayers to configure chains by passing in a chain config URL (merged PR).




Thalex | Founding team member, operations

Thalex has a decade of experience in the tech industry, in roles focusing on tier 1 vendor partnerships, new products, strategic contract negotiation & business restructuring, heavily invested in crypto since 2016.

Thalex is a core team member, as well as a founding team member of ElonRWA.

Thalex has lead teams in the success design and launch of new products and services utilized B2B globally by 10k+ organizations including in cutting edge applications across intelligence and defense from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Servicenow, Salesforce, IBM.


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