Project Token (BRR)

The BRR token is not for sale, has no utility, and is valueless (i.e. worth zero). Anyone offering to sell you the token is a scammer, please be wary.

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Brrito has an official token called BRR with a 1 billion max supply. ~11.3% has already been minted and distributed to advisors, and community contributors and members.

BRR Token Distribution

  • NFT crowdfund, advisors, and external contributors: 11.3%.

  • Team (4 year vesting with 1 year cliff): 20%.

  • Unallocated: 68.7%.

We're constantly monitoring and evaluating data in order to make informed decisions regarding future token allocations, and will put forth our best efforts to keep this page up-to-date.

In the meantime, please beware of scams (e.g. if anyone offers to sell you BRR tokens, it is likely a scam).

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